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Citizens of the Month

Welcome to the Citizens of The Month page! At Springs School, character education is taught during Spirit Meet and Pep Rallies, and is incorporated into our curriculum and our school's culture. Different values are taught each month, and each month, four students are chosen who demonstrate their best character. We are proud to showcase these students here. 

Character Education

  • September-October: Respect
  • November-December: Caring
  • January-February: Responsibility
  • March-April: Honesty & Integrity
  • May-June: Perseverance




June Citizens of the Month



Katie Reininger, Isabella Villa, and Sabrina DaSilva were chosen by Mrs. Winter for helping to clean up their street of litter. They independently volunteered their time to help out. PJ Brabant was nominated by Mr. Casale, because he found a younger student alone at the bus stop and immediately contacted the school to make sure the child was safe.



February  Citizens of the Month

Mrs. Colonna has nominated Ann Peterson in Mrs. Mitchell/ Mrs Vanvilet's class. 

"I have a student in Mrs. Mitchell (VanVliet’s) Kindergarten class that has demonstrated exemplary behavior and leadership in my classroom. AnnPeterson has been extremely dedicated in the last few weeks,  especially since Mrs. Mitchell has been gone. I asked all the students to really step up and show our new teacher how well we know the rules. Ann’s compassion to help others without any expectation of anything in return so selflessly amazing. She is eager to always be the best behaved student to set an example for her friends. Today in gym class she lead the pledge of allegiance with such pride."

Ms. Diaz, Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Mackey and Ms. Rambo have nominated Siena Dion. 

She is receiving citizen of the month for being an "SEL Leader" and putting the Problem Solving steps into action.  She is a pleasure to have in SEL, and always has something great to share. Siena is a student who has been a role model for helping make springs school a place of kindness and respect for others. She has demonstrated Empathy by understanding how others feel, and showing compassion for her classmates. 



January Citizens of the Month


These students have been nominated by Mrs. Allam for their hard work and dedication last year raising money to help others in need. Congratulations Aaron Bistrian and Patrick Mullarkey !!

Their efforts show that small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in the lives of others, and should not go unrecognized. Patrick and Aaron have displayed outstanding character by volunteering their time to lend a helping hand. Patrick is planning a fundraiser to raise money for cancer research. Also, both boys have demonstrated excellent skills in Second Step this year.


May Citizens of the Month


May's Citizens of the Month are Marcus Oransky, Marcos Munoz, Perla Mancilla, and Nora Conlon. Marcus is being awarded because he "is a stand-up citizen.  He is consistently honest and a loyal friend.  He tells the truth, even when he is the one who has made the wrong choice.  He is charismatic and honors what he says. He values what he has and what we do as a class, without asking for more. He not only talks kindly about others, but also frequently goes out of his way to make someone's day brighter.  He is complimentary toward his classmates and celebrates their achievements with them. He has a great sense humor and often uses the phrase, "anything for a friend." We are beyond lucky to be his teachers this year and we know he will continue to make others smile and be a leader in the future!" Congratulations, Marcus!

Marcos is being awarded because he is "a student who is truly remarkable.  He comes to school every day with dedication and determination.  His kindness knows no limits. He will hold the door for you, give you a compliment, and be the one to cheer you up if you are feeling down.  He will walk across the field to make sure you find your class when you are lost and he will remind you that we all make mistakes and that is OK.  He has demonstrated a love and respect for our school and the community. When spending his free time outdoors, he has cleaned up numerous pieces of garbage simply because he wants to make the world a better place.  Each day his smile, creativity, and sense of humor brightens Springs School. We are so lucky to have this student as part of our community, school, and fourth-grade class. Marcos, you inspire all of us to be our best and for these reasons you are Citizen of the Month!" Congratulations!


The junior high Students of the Month are seventh grader Perla Mancilla and eighth grader Nora Conlon. According to her teachers, Perla is "the epitome of a role model. She works extremely hard in all subject areas while balancing her time competing in competitive gymnastics year-round. This student is always polite and respectful. She exhibits excellent class participation on a daily basis and carries herself with dignity. She is kind to others, and is always willing to help out a classmate or neighbor. She is a consistent High Honor Roll student in all subject areas and has received numerous quarter grades of 100 in multiple classes. Even with all of her accomplishments both in school and out, she is eternally humble. It is with great pleasure that we honor grade Perla Mancilla with the Citizen of the Month Award! 

Nora Conlon is being recognized because she is "a talented, smart, and caring individual with a great sense of humor." She balances having a key role in the junior high play, being the center and captain of the girl's basketball team, participating in NYSMEA and still maintains her high grades.  Nora demonstrates a quiet, humble confidence that will surely help her to make her mark in the world. Congratulations, Nora!


February Citizens of the Month

February's Citizens of the Month are June Peterson, Peyton Sadowski, and Ava Castillo. 

June's teacher says, "This little girl loves to have fun. Her zest for life and learning is contagious and we enjoy every day with her. She is a true pleasure to be around. She is loved by all her classmates and is known for making things fun. Her smile lights up the room! She is someone we can always count on to help a friend." She is also a hard-worker and tries her best to understand even the most difficult of first grade concepts. She tries and tries and often tells us that "mistakes are the best way to learn!" Her teacher adds that "this little girl is also very brave. She had to have her tonsils taken out and was so strong. We are so happy to have you back in school!" Congratulations, June!  

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” -Wonder

According to Peyton's teacher, "This quote defines who you are perfectly. Each day you come to school prepared not only to do your very best work, but also be the very best friend you can be to every single one of your classmates. I constantly overhear you giving thoughtful compliments to your peers which boosts their confidence. When you were out sick your presence was missed so much that your classmates worked together to make you a card and could not wait for you to return. Your empathy is not limited to just our classroom. For "Genius Hour," you proposed to research cures and ways you could help people with disabilities. You have a passion for helping others and I can’t wait to see the greatness you will achieve in the future!" Way to go, Peyton!

According to her teacher, Ava is a positive role model for her peers. She works hard to reach her goals. Her teacher says, "Not only does she show up on time and with a smile, she is neat, organized and always willing to help a friend in need. Ava has a supportive family who encourage her toward success. Ava is an example that shows that a strong work ethic leads to great accomplishments. She swims four days a week at the YMCA and travels to tournaments on the weekends. She recently qualified for the state championship in Buffalo for swimming. All the while, she makes academics her main priority. Ava is kind to all her classmates and sets an example for others by displaying the right attitude and persevering to do and be her best." Congratulations, Ava!

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December Citizens of the Month

December's Citizens of the Month are Melanie Vizcaino, Mia Mussio, Emma McGrory, and Liam Baum.

According to her teacher, Melanie is a person who "gives 100% of herself all the time."  When teachers ask for help or volunteers, Melanie is aways the first to volunteer, even before hearing what the task is.  When peers are struggling or in need of assistance, Melanie is always the first to notice and lend a hand without being asked.  On her schoolwork, Melanie always applies herself, tries her hardest, and aims to be the best she can be.  Her effort and diligence is unparalleled and unfaltering.  

Melanie is also a student who is full of kindness towards others.  She is a friend to everybody, makes sure everyone is included, can work cooperatively in any pair or group she is placed in, and is just a pleasure to be around.  Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for everything she encounters is contagious and she brings smiles to the faces of everyone around her.  Staff and students can always count on Melanie to be kind, inclusive, and welcoming.  

"It’s not for a single act or event that we are recognizing Melanie, but instead the small acts of kindness and excellence we see from her on a consistent, daily basis.  Melanie is the kind of person we are lucky to have as a member of our Springs School community." Congratulations, Melanie!

According to Mia's teacher, the best word to describe her is caring. This student cares about anyone she meets including her long-time friends, new students, teachers, and students in other classes. She goes out of her way to lend a helping hand whenever possible.  "It has been an absolute joy to watch her spread her kindness and positive attitude to others day after day," says her teacher.  "She not only cares about people, but also about her schoolwork.  She often shares what she has proudly completed in school with her family at home.  She is a student with a huge heart and is caring in every sense of the word." Congratulations, Mia!

Liam Baum, who this past month has helped to highlight "Blessings in a Backpack" through radio and TV. He also spoke this month at the Board of Education meeting about the theme, "What Springs School means to me."  According to his teacher, "he is an inspiration to all who come in contact with him. He warms your heart with his smile and simple hello. He definitely enjoys packing the backpacks each week. This is his month to shine." Way to go, Liam!

Emma McGrory is also being celebrated as a Citizen of the Month. According to her teachers, "This student moved to Springs School last year where she did not know anyone. Regardless of being new, she acted fearless and was interested in getting involved at Springs School. Even though she did not participate in the fourth grade opera, she wanted to volunteer her time to the mentor program. Using her knowledge from dance classes, she acted as a leader in helping students practice their singing and dancing routines for "Beyond the Duck Pond."

This year, this student is selflessly volunteering her time to the opera program once again. She is a focused, responsible, caring, and hardworking individual. Ms. Modica is impressed with her ability to come here from a different school be immediately willing to dedicate her time to help to make a difference. Thank you for your commitment to service at Springs School!

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October Citizens of the Month

October's Citizens of the Month are Alondra Marin and Cassius Carmona. According to her teacher, Alondra is an excellent student who is always willing to take the time to help others out and is a good friend to everyone around her.  Her dedication to school goes way beyond what is asked of her and that is why she is one of the top coders in Mr. Knightś science room, completing her fifth-grade coding work before the year already started!  Her hard work, dedication, and caring for others makes her a perfect choice for Citizen of the Month. Congratulations, Alondra!


At the beginning of the school year, the kindergartners come in oftentimes a bit shy and hesitant to engage. This is probably the only time a 5-year-old is reserved!  However, Cassius has been comfortable from Day One!  According to his teacher, on that first day, he was relaxed, enthusiastic and ready to try anything and "everything we had planned," whether it was working on a project, playing with new, unknown friends at recess, or completely focused on a story about a blue cat and some white shoes!  Kindergarten was a new frontier for this little adventurer! He arrives every day with a charming, beaming smile, albeit missing his front teeth. He eagerly dives into whatever task is presented to him...working carefully, methodically, and with utmost care. He listens intently and follows directions perfectly. With his peers, he is a good friend to both the boys as well as the girls!  At Center Time, he loves to play with the wooden trains, building cooperatively a track around the table with whoever happens to be his partner as well as sharing the coveted little blue engine. At recess time, he is just a kindergartner having fun and playing hard.  
When one of his new friends is hurt he is quick to get an adult’s attention to help. When a friend has his/her feelings hurt, he is the first to try to cheer them up.  It was no surprise that this little guy, with the big smile, strong work ethic, and even bigger heart, spent his weekend with adults cleaning up the school courtyard. 
Congratulations, Cassius!




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The junior high Citizens of the Month are Alyssa King and Anthony Guevera. According to her teachers, Alyssa is being recognized for all of her hard work and dedication in making the courtyard beautiful! 

Anthony Guevera is beging recognized for being a hard-working student who puts in "110% effort."  According to his teachers, he uses his time wisely to improve on his academics. He is driven, polite and, most importantly, he is kind to fellow classmates. His hard work has placed him in a Regents class this year and his teachers know he can rise to the challenge. In addition to academics, Anthony is an amazing soccer player who devotes just as much time and effort to his sport as he does in the classroom! Congratulations!  

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