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Technology/Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The Springs School District believes strongly in the value of excellent educational and instructional programs that are in support of the Common Core and NYS Learning Standards. While we believe that the benefits for children who have access to the Internet far outweigh potential risk, it should be understood that some sites might contain information that is inappropriate, pornographic, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive to some users.
While the intent of the Springs School District is to provide access to the Internet to further the District’s goals and objectives, and to meet the Common Core and NYS Learning Standards, parents should be aware that students who have access might potentially encounter unacceptable resources, if they disregard the school’s access limitations as stated below. The Springs School District believes strongly in promoting the ethical use of technology. We have, therefore, set forth the following guidelines for all to follow:

  • Students will limit their use of telecommunications in school to the educational objectives established by teacher(s). 
  • Students will not retrieve or send unethical, illegal, immoral, inappropriate, or unacceptable information of any kind.
  • Students will not use abusive language of any type, including swearing and name-calling.
  • Students will not divulge their own or anyone’s address, phone number and personal information with another for any purpose and students will report any requests of this kind to their classroom teacher, librarian or principal.
  • Students will not plagiarize information received in any form and will properly cite all materials.
  • Students will not use another person’s account.
  • Students will not share their password with anyone else.
  • Students will not download anything without the consent of a teacher or school other personnel.
  • Students will not attempt to bypass security built into the system, and recognize that doing so will result in immediate loss of Internet and/or technology privileges.
  • Students will not interfere with, vandalize, or disrupt network users, services, traffic, equipment, and software; Students will be financially liable for any damages that incur associated with this behavior.
  • Students will not use Internet access for illegal purposes of any kind.
  • Students will not use Internet access to transmit threatening, obscene or harassing materials.
  • Students will not use school computers to chat online, send unsupervised or unauthorized E-mail or text messages.
  • Students will abide by the licensing agreements for any school subscriptions and online databases, which require a user name and password.

Remember, the use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Any inappropriate use will result in a suspension of these privilege. Users have no reasonable expectation of privacy on the Internet. The District reserves the right to access and view any material stored on District equipment, Including any 1-to-1 devices, or any material used in conjunction with the District’s computer network.

The School District reserves the right to monitor all Internet activity by students. Any violation of the foregoing guidelines will be treated as a violation of the Student Discipline Code, and shall be handled according to such discipline code. Any violation may also result in the loss of Internet privileges. The School District shall notify the appropriate legal authorities if there is suspicion of illegal activities. The system administrator shall determine whether student conduct constitutes a violation of the guidelines and his/her decision shall be final.

The Springs School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the Internet service it is providing. The District shall not be responsible for any damages suffered. This includes loss of data resulting from malware, viruses, spyware, delays, non-deliveries, miss-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by its own negligence or a user’s errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at the user’s own risk. The District specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.