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About Our Community


The community of Springs is located in the Town of East Hampton, approximately 90 miles east of Manhattan, in the southern part of Suffolk County. Being part of a larger summer vacation destination, one would expect that the historic nature of Springs would have disappeared long ago. However, a stroll down the historic section clearly affirms the community's commitment to maintaining its "small town" 19th century appeal.

Few hamlets on Eastern Long Island can claim such a broad array of assets as Springs, from its unique location to its beautiful landscape overlooking Gardiner's Bay on Long Island's prestigious South Fork. The community's shoreline is part of the Peconic Estuary, an area recognized internationally for its beauty. Many artists have found the area and its light to be unique. Some, such as Jackson Pollock and Willem deKooning, called Springs home. Springs continues to draw artists and authors as well as anyone who wishes to enjoy its special environment and charm. These natural resources, combined with the friendly people who live and work there, make Springs a truly unique location.

Since the year 2000, the Springs community has experienced a population growth of 31%, as compared to a 10% population growth across New York State during the same time span. Today, Springs is a diverse community made up of 6,592 residents. Springs is a wonderful place to raise a family; with a beautiful landscape, strong ties to the sea, and a rich maritime tradition which is still visible today. The Springs community is proud of it's history, it's schools, and cherishes it's children. Our residents work together, uniquely blending the area's history with the demands of educating it's children, allowing us all to treasure it's history and plan carefully for the future.