Staff Directory

Springs Union Free School District: (631) 324-0144

John Finello  
(631) 324-0144, ext 101)
Director of Human Resources and Pupil & Personnel Services
Keri DeLalio  
(ext 128)
Eric Casale  
(ext 102)
Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Student Services
Christine Cleary  
(ext 129)
CSE Chairperson
Keri DeLalio  
(ext 128)
Madeleine Everhart  
(ext 109)
Business Office
Julie Bistrian  
(District Clerk & Senior Account Clerk, ext 127)
Carl O. Fraser  
(Interim School Business Administrator, ext 103)
Pupil Services
Brenda Crozier  
(Greeter, ext 115)
Stefany Gomez-Barrientos  
(Clerk Typist - Bilingual, ext 133)
Suzanne Janis  
(Senior Clerk Typist, ext 104)
Michael Strecker  
(Senior Clerk Typist, ext 130)
Faculty & Staff
Melissa Erb  
(Teaching Assistant)
Maria Goncalves  
(ext 305)
Patricia Hicks  
(ext 334)
Amanda Krzenski  
(ext 307)
Amy Mitchell  
Dina Rafferty  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 388)
Cindy Realmuto  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 389)
Diana Russell  
(Teaching Assistant)
First Grade
Morgan Bock  
(Teaching Assistant)
AnnMarie Diaz  
(ext 317)
Lisa Dragone  
(ext 316)
Eileen Goldman  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 376)
Jodie Hallman  
(ext 330)
Ana Jacobs  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 381)
Jill Kalbacher  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 383)
Lindamarie Kirby  
Second Grade
Karen McKee  
(ext 336)
AnnMarie Schuppe  
(ext 353)
Monique Sullivan  
Amanda Waleko  
Third Grade
Joan Branche  
(ext 309)
Ashley DellaPolla  
Cristen Keyes  
(ext 312)
Nicole Lesta  
(ext 327)
Toby Mackey  
(Special Education Teacher)
Fourth Grade
Melissa Knight  
(ext 355)
Beverly McGrath  
Crystal Reiner  
(Special Education Teacher)
Elizabeth Scammell  
(ext 325)
Fifth Grade
Tracey Frazier  
(ext 322)
Meghan Lydon  
Ryan Scala  
Brittany Steudte  
(Special Education Teacher)
Lindsey Thayer  
(ext 393)
Lucy Yardley  
(Special Education Teacher, ext 363)
Academic Enrichment
Lisa Seff  
Academic Intervention Services
Ilaine Bickley  
(ext 323)
Kim Havlik  
Nancy Olson  
(ext 118)
Tara Tepper  
(ext 335)
Jessica Vickers  
(ext 382)
Alex DeHavenon  
Colleen McGowan  
(ext 362)
Buildings and Grounds
Eric Drew  
(ext 319)
Bruce Goetz  
Nick Nelson  
(ext 328)
Dan Newman
(Chief Custodian ext 113)
Allen Stephens  
(ext 113)
English Language Arts
Danielle Hamilton  
(Reading Teacher ext 366)
Emily O'Reilly  
(ext 338)
Adam Osterweil  
(ext 345)
Kimberly Royal  
Sarah Dunkirk  
Lilliam Flores  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 374)
Margaret Garsetti  
(ext 324)
Family and Consumer Science
Tracy Larkin   
(FACS Teacher)
Christine Fagereng  
John King  
(ext 339)
William Hallman  
(Multimedia / Library ext 125)
Kim Havlik  
Linda Kernell  
Leah Amicucci  
(ext 308)
Laura Foti  
Judy Mullarkey  
(ext 314)
John Gibbons  
(Multimedia ext 111)
Benjamin Jones  
(ext 331)
Angelina Modica  
Physical Education
Christine Fagereng  
John King  
(ext 339)
Mark McKee  
(ext 112)
Pupil Services
Brenda Crozier  
(ext 115)
Suzanne Janis  
(District Office Secretary & Registration, ext 104)
Resource Room
School Nurse
Debra Gherardi  
(ext 107)
Tara Gurney  
(Per Diem Nurse ext 107)
School Psychologist
Madeleine Everhart  
(ext 109)
Sean Knight  
(ext 370)
Brittny Pannizzo  
Lisa Seff  
(ext 354)
Robert Walker  
(ext 367)
Social Studies
Frank Cole  
(ext 346)
Katherine Farmer  
(ext 342)
Raymond Wojtusiak  
(ext 315)
Social Worker & McKinney- Vento Homeless Liason
Therese Allam  
(ext 110)
Marisol Angulo  
Michael Kelly  
(ext 344)
Special Education
Scott Abran  
(Teaching Assistant)
Dana Alison  
(Teaching Assitant)
Kimberly Belkin-DiGiorgi  
(Special Education Teacher)
Lori Boothe  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 333)
Susan Brown  
(Teaching Assistant)
Joseph Colavito
(Teaching Assistant)
Rachel Cook  
(Special Education Teacher ext 387)
Jessica Datz  
(Special Education Teacher)
Larissa Davidson  
(Teaching Assistant)
Carla Desiderio  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 368)
Laura Dunham  
(Special Education Teacher)
Vicki Firemark
(Teaching Assistant)
Pamela Furey  
Regina Gload  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 326)
Patricia Grande  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 379)
Kristy LaMonda  
(Functional Academics, ext 396)
Jennifer Lappin  
(Teaching Assistant)
Lois McCall  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 398)
Debra Murray  
(Teaching Assitant)
Lou Ann Ramsden  
(Special Education Teacher, ext 351)
Amanda Rivera  
(Special Education Teacher)
Gerry Tapia  
(Special Education Teacher, ext 356)
Donna Theuret  
(Teaching Assistant, ext 394)
Student Support Services
Stacy McCally  
(Guidance Counselor, ext 117)
Paige Morehead  
(Speech Therapist, ext 301)
Patricia Philipbar  
(Speech Pathologist ext 349 )
Whitney Reidlinger  
(Occupational Therapist, ext 361)
Frank Cole  
(ext 346)
Technology I.T.
John Gibbons  
(ext 111)
F. Figueroa  
(Bus Driver)
Marion Flaherty  
(Head of Transportation, ext 122)
Lina Loaiza  
(Bus Driver)
Joseph Quinlan  
Katherine Quinlan