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From the Nurse's Office

The Board of Education recognizes that good student health is vital to successful student learning by promoting quality health services.

The Nurse's Office is available to parents and students during school hours. If you have any questions, please contact Debra Gherardi at (631) 324-0144 extension 107, or via email at:, or Fax: (631) 324-1374.

Physical forms can be found on the menu to the left.

The nurse will begin screening students in grades pre-k through eighth for vision, hearing, and scoliosis. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Debra Gherardi or call the school at 324-0144. 



New York State Public Health Law now requires ALL STUDENTS ENTERING 7TH GRADE IN SEPTEMBER OF 2016 to receive a Meningococcal Vaccination. Please make your appointments early rather than later. Please bring proof of immunization to the nurse's office.


We want to inform you about a recent amendment to the Public Health Law (PHL), Rules and Regulations Subpart 66-1 addressing school immunization requirements.  The amendment took effect July 1, 2014 and affects students entering Kindergarten and 6th grade.

Students must receive their 2nd Varicella (chickenpox) immunization in order to attend school.

Students who are entering Kindergarten need to contact their physician to make sure that their Tdap, Polio, and MMR vaccinations are up-to-date and meet the new requirements for school entrance. Changes have been made to the number of doses required for school entrance.

Students entering Sixth Grade need a Tdap vaccination.

Please schedule an appointment for the immunizations needed as soon as possible.  

Once your child gets the necessary immunizations please forward the paperwork to the nurse’s office.  It is extremely important that this documentation is in your child’s file.

Please feel free to call the school nurse with any questions: (631) 324-0144 extension 107, or via email at: