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Welcome to the Citizens of The Month page! At Springs School, character education is taught during Spirit Meet and is incorporated into our curriculum and our school's culture. Different values are taught each month, and each month, four students are chosen who demonstrate their best character. We are proud to showcase these students here. 

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Citizens of the Month



November Citizens of the Month

November's Citizens of the Month are PJ Brabant, Nikole Vasquez, Jenna Scalia, and Michael Moret.

According to his teacher, fourth grader PJ is always looking out for others and stands up for what he believes. He is able to look beyond his own needs often puts the needs of others first. PJ shows empathy, often volunteering and contributing to school-wide drives and donations. Most recently, PJ has expressed an interest in starting his own charity for children who are less fortunate. 

Second grader Nikole is an exemplary student. According to her teacher, she is focused and hard-working.  She listens carefully during instruction time and applies everything she learns when she is working independently.  Not only is she a great student she is also an excellent friend to all her classmates. Nikole volunteers to help classmates without even being asked and when students are working in groups she becomes a great leader who does not make all the decisions for the group or answers all the questions, but will explain herself to the group and then ask who agrees or disagrees. She is just an all-around great person!


Eighth grader Jenna showed outstanding efforts in community service at the Springs Food Pantry for 6 weeks last year during the Holiday Season.  Not only did she show up on time and regularly but the staff reported that she was the most energetic volunteer they have ever had.  In addition, she reached out to me during the summer to see if she could be a mentor to a new student at Springs in the Fall since she knew how difficult it was to transition when she transferred here in 6th grade.  Jenna is back at the Food Pantry this Fall and continuing to show responsibility and community-minded spirit.  I would love for her to be recognized for her eagerness to help others.

Seventh grader Michael Moret is a consistent role model for others each and everyday. His teachers say that he is always prepared for class. He is consistently polite and kind to others in the classroom, and has a strong work ethic. He also shares a wide array of ideas and general worldly knowledge with his classmates and teachers. Congratulations!





October Citizens of the Month

October's Citizens of the Month are Grace Anne Best, Luke Dimopoulos, Nicole Gaggi, and Isabella Tarbet. According to her teacher, Grace Anne comes to school every day with a smile "that can put anyone in a good mood." She always tries her best in school and is always willing to help others. She is kind, compassionate, and full of enthusiasm.

According to his teacher, Luke is a model of caring and responsibility, our two character education traits of the month. He is hard-working, honest and trustworthy. He is always the first to volunteer to lend a hand, and demonstrates a spirit of independence by always taking the initiative with his work and in his dealings with others, doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. His writing work has been particularly powerful as he has applied lessons that he learned from mentor texts, and worked diligently across the first two units set and reach ambitious goals, continually striving to outgrow himself as a writer. 




Eighth grader Bella Tarbet is being awarded because she consistently demonstrates strong citizenship through her actions. According to her teachers, Bella is always kind and helpful to others and always offers a helping hand. Last year Bella sacrificed many lunch and recess periods to assist with many projects in the music room, and never asked for recognition for her help. Bella is always involved with volunteering, and has helped the PTA at the Back-to-School BBQ this fall. In addition to being kind and helpful, Bella is a diligent student, dedicated athlete, and talented musician. Bella Tarbet is a great role model through her academic achievements as well as her character.

According to her teachers, sixth grader Nicole has shown great improvement since the beginning of the year. She is engaged in class and participates every day. She works diligently and completes homework consistently. Congratulations, girls!




September Citizens of the Month

September's Citizens of the Month are first grader Cosmo Frank-Witzenmann and third grader Luke Rossano. According to their teachers, both students are responsible, respectful, and "model students." Congratulations, Cosmo and Luke!


The junior high Citizens of the Month are sixth grader Kayla Lester and seventh grader Daniel Piver. Both had an outstanding start to the year and have much to be proud of.







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