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Character Education


The Springs School character education program is dedicated to providing a foundation for personal and social growth in order to develop students of exemplary character who become responsible, productive, and caring citizens. Children are taught how to be good citizens by learning various character traits. Within the school year, students explore various character traits that define what it means to have good character. Through learning activities, students come to understand what each trait signifies.

In grades kindergarten through fifth, students have assemblies on these traits called Spirit Meet. Spirit Meet for grades K-5 takes place in the gym on Mondays and Fridays and is open to all parents. In the upper grades, students learn about the various character traits through a pep rally format which is more age-appropriate.

Springs School 2016-2017

Character Ed



Responsibility –September/October

Caring- November/December

Respect- January/February

Perseverance- March/April

Empathy – May/June



Rep Rally 2016-17 Schedule


October 6, 2016 

November 3, 2016

December 9, 2016 

January 5, 2017

February 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

April 6, 2017

May 4, 2017