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This month, we are featuring Springs School graduate Justin Meinken. Justin graduated from Springs in 2010 and is currently a senior at Riverdale College. Justin is currently working at the local newspaper, The Independent, as a staff writer and contributing photographer. "Last summer, I began working as an intern for The Independent," he explained. "After my first assignment landed me the front page feature, I was hired as a staff writer and photographer. It's been an exciting and rewarding experience to have a newspaper with a circulation of over 2 million people read my work!" The graduating class from 2010 was given an option as to which high school they wanted to attend: East Hampton High School or Pierson High School in Sag Harbor. Justin chose Pierson. He explained, "It was a tough decision at the time since all my friends went to East Hampton High School. I selected Pierson for their academics. In addition to AP classes, Pierson had instituted the IB program (which are even higher level classes than A.P. classes) that I was able to  take, as well."

Since graduating from Pierson in 2014, Justin has been attending Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY as a Communications/Journalism major with a minor in Environmental Studies. "Even though I am still attending Manhattan College I was asked to stay on as a staff writer at the newspaper," said Justin. "My schedule allows me to come home on weekends to work at The Independent covering stories for publication during the week. So far, my most memorable assignment was taking photos at the Polar Bear Plunge at Main Beach on New Year's Day. The temperature was 18 degrees but with the wind it was subzero. Standing in the ocean to get photos was certainly exhilarating!"

Justin says he always enjoyed writing, in all of its forms, and was even bestowed the title of "Poet Laureate" while at Springs School. As for the future, Justin has aspirations of writing a book series for publication. "I have already started on the first book in the series and hope to be able to devote more time to it after graduation," he said.

There were several teachers at Springs School who encouraged Justin's writing aspirations: "I will always appreciate Mr. O, Mrs. O'Connor, Ms. Cleary and Mr. Cole for their never-wavering encouragement and support. Springs School will always hold a special place in my heart.  "

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